So you want to make an activity classification model? If you want to streamline the data collection process then read on for a fun way to cut out time that I learned during the journey to creating mine.

I used CreateML for this, the software is great and easy to use, but data collection can take forever. This method of data collection will apply to any use of time series motion data collection, so feel free to read if you aren’t using the same software.
When I first started the data collection process my plan was to use os_log to output…

Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where Python would be a better option than Node for getting a job done.

I’ve encountered this while creating desktop apps with Electron.js that interact with microcontrollers, and I’ve created web APIs to interact with existing Python scripts. Regardless of your scenario, it’s a useful tool to have in your arsenal, so here’s how I usually do it.

In this article we will create a simple program using Node.js and Python. The JS will call the Python, get the output of the script and return it to JS.

First let’s create a simple…

Coming from JavaScript and Python, creating a delay in Swift was odd. Here’s how to get your delays working.

Before I figured this out I was trying GCD (Grand Central Dispatch) as that’s what everybody suggests on most popular forums, but whenever I tried using GCD I couldn’t find a solution that worked for this scenario.
I’m sure a more experienced Swift programmer will tell me there’s a way, but I’m here to provide a working solution that fit my needs… And hopefully helps somebody else out too!

My scenario was this:

  • Make an API call to get some data

Recently I published a standalone Watch app to the App Store. I designed the app, I coded the functionality, I added the relevant HealthKit permissions to the info.plist, and I followed the steps to send the build over to App Store Connect for review. Job done 👏 … Or so I thought. …

Dan Beech

Software engineer from Liverpool, UK. Enjoy front-end development, especially app development.

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